Call for CERV / ERASMUS+ KA2 Cooperation Partners

The Youth Foundation Baden-Württemberg is looking for partners to work on a project aimed at acting against online Hate Speech through building up a transnational reporting possibility. The call is open for any organization – particularly those involved in education – institutions as well as private enterprises. Partners should be based in ERASMUS+ Programme or associated countries, particularly regions which already provide or are in the process of working against Hate Speech, Conspiracy narratives and/or Disinformation.

Project purpose:

Hate speech and conspiracy narratives are currently among the greatest threats to democratic cohesion in Europe. Combating them must be done holistically and transnationally in order to be more successful than before. The Youth Foundation’s project includes the development of a transnational reporting system against hate speech, the development of national and transnational support structures and campaigns to raise awareness of the need to report and document hate speech. An app is being developed to give the opportunity to report hate speech online.

In order to apply please fill out the form and attach your PIF (if available) until September 25th, 2022.

Questions & Answers

The main outcome will be one national reporting portal per participating partner country and a transnational reporting portal. In addition, there will be results at national level, depending on the respective status of the partner organisation. In countries where there is no reporting possibility yet, regional campaigns and round tables at selected locations and with relevant cooperation partners will be carried out in the first project year in order to build up the necessary networking structures. Countries with existing reporting portals are further developing their structure to identify criminal content and report it to the police. In addition, there are event formats to activate young people in particular to report hate speech via the newly emerging platforms. However, these results depend on the respective status and existing structures (and political preconditions) in a country. In one country, for example, cooperation with security authorities on hate speech may be more challenging than in another.

This depends on the structures of the partner organisations. It is possible to organise round tables as a national multiplier event in a certain region or at selected locations – or to start a nationwide campaign right away. Organisations that already have good social media communication and broad networking structures, including youth work institutions, and are known in the field of hate speech will be able to reach a large number of people right from the start.

We are planning on a total budget for the ERASMUS+ project of about 300,000 euros and a budget per project partner of between 30,000 and 50,000 euros – depending on the staff costs and the tasks taken on in the project.

The CERV project could be budgeted higher if necessary, but we are waiting for the concrete call.

Contact person:

Günter Bressau

Youth Foundation Baden-Württemberg